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Watch How A Crowd Reacts To Domestic Abuse In 1967

November 15, 2017 / 106 views

In this clip from 1967, Hunter S.Thompson comes face to face with a member of the Hell's Angels.

Chef Who Cooks With His Cats Shows How He Trained Them

November 14, 2017 / 47 views

Jun Yoshizuki of the popular YouTube channels 'Rachel and Jun' and 'Jun's Kitchen' is constantly asked how he trained his cat (who is the star of Jun's Kitchen), so he finally made a video just to show everyone how he did it.

Boston Dynamics Unveils Its New Robot Dog And People Are Freaking Out

November 14, 2017 / 40 views

The New SpotMini by Boston Dynamics.

High School Student In Glee Club Nails Rihanna's 'Diamond'

November 14, 2017 / 60 views

A high school student with an amazing voice sings Rihanna's 'Diamond' (written by Sia) with his classmates while just sitting around killing time.

Dad Uses Face Swap To Make Hilarious Video Of His Kids Hating His Cooking

November 14, 2017 / 77 views

This food smells like the Devil tooted, lit it on fire, whispered a curse into it, and sent it here on this plate.

Watch 10,000 Snow Geese Take Off Together

November 13, 2017 / 50 views

10,000 snow geese on Lake Massawippi in Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, Canada take off together.

Watch The Powerful Interview With A Woman Who Survived A Human Experiment During The Holocaust

November 13, 2017 / 51 views

The power to live and forgive. The true story of a Mengele twin in Auschwitz.

What It's Like To Have Italian Grandparents

November 11, 2017 / 123 views

Italian grandparents NEVER worry...

This Is Why You Never Cross The Road BEFORE The Bus Drives Off

November 11, 2017 / 68 views

Every parent and child need to watch this together. It will only take one time.

This Mesmerizing Performance On A Spinning Platform Captures The Essence Of Life

November 11, 2017 / 5,168 views

This is a beautiful performance called 'Celui qui tombe' (Whoever Falls) by French choreographer and acrobat Yoann Bourgeois.

GoPro Camera Records Itself Being Swallowed By Lava - And Survives To Tell The Tale

November 10, 2017 / 32 views

Erik Storm, a lead guide of volcano tours in Hawaii, recently placed his GoPro camera down into a small crevasse to try and get up close footage of flowing lava.

Meet The 35-Year-Old Man Who Lives In 1946

November 10, 2017 / 52 views

Ben Sansum is 35 years old, but he lives in 1946.

Retiring Police Officer Makes His Last Call, Then Hears His Son On The Radio

November 10, 2017 / 116 views

Salem City Police Sgt. Douglas Hogate Sr. was finishing his last day on the job before retirement. He announced his final Code 3 - signing off - but little did he know that a very special someone was on the other end of that police radio to send him off.

Couple Demonstrates How Being Passive Aggressive 'Helps' Their Relationship In Funny Skit

November 10, 2017 / 50 views

Being passive-aggressive is very unhealthy for a relationship, and to shine light on that, comedian JP uses satire and humor to demonstrate how awful it can make the other person feel.

Grieving Dad Breaks Down In Tears When He Reads A Card From His New Puppy

November 09, 2017 / 129 views

A father grieving the loss of his two dogs is surprised on his birthday with a puppy.

Construction Workers Can't Stop Laughing At This '5 Kids' Riddle

November 09, 2017 / 26 views

Larry's father has five kids. Their names are ten, twenty, thirty and forty. What is the other's name?

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